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Psyrus Studio and its partners




Renting equipment

Are you organizing an event, or a party, where you need a sound and a light system?
We offer quality setups to rent, thanks to our Strasbourg, Alsace based partner in electronics and sound.
The Idées Électronique association will gladly take care of your needs, and all requirements for your evening!

- Indoor/Outdoor PA sound system Kit:Speakers : 2x 400W
Subwoofer : 500W
35 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-3 dB)

Renting the kit includes the necessary cables, a small mixer of 4 input channels, and a microphone.

- LED based light kit for both indoor and outdoor use:

2x Spot 15W RGB
1x LED "spider bar" 96W
1x Laserbeam head RGB 400MW
1x Stroboscope 108 White LEDs
1x mounting kit, divided into three parts, so it can be adapted from smaller to bigger venues.

For more information, you can call Adrien direcly at 03 88 36 01 96 (in french), or the foreign correspondant of Psyrus Studio, Matt at 0033 6 19 65 21 77 (in english).

Opening hours:

monday 14:00 – 18:30
tuesday to friday 09:15 – 12:00, 14:00 – 18:30
saturday 09:15 – 12:00

The Idées Électronique equally proposes the following services:

- Vintage hardware reparations, amplifiers, tube pre-amplifiers of all kind.
- Hi-fi system reparations, speakers, CD/DVD players, TV, video systems etc...
- Reparations and changements of your speaker foam

The artist house

The artist house welcomes you with a heartwarmingly comfortable ambiance, with its 180m² (1 930 sq. ft.) indoor surface.

Whatever the reason is for your visit (music production, video or portrait photography), we have a guest room available for you (up to 5 people), with all the necessary comfort.

The living room is equipped with a big screen TV, home cinema, Xbox, Netflix, Wifi (of course), the bathroom with both shower and a bathtub, and let's not forget our fully equipped kitchen - we're ready to provide you with all the necessities to relax in comfort when you feel the need to take a pause from your project.





Phone: +0033 6 31 36 48 48